Alysha was born and raised in the small, rural town of Bancroft, Ontario. For as long as she can remember, music has always been apart of her life. Alysha sang with her mom and brother from the age of 2 to 'The Martin's' soundtracks or along with mom on the piano. At 14, Alysha learned how to play piano because she recognized a need at camp, and then learned how to play the guitar a few years later when her brother taught her some chords. This led to leading worship at youth group, camp and church. 

Walking through different circumstances in life has helped Alysha come to realize what a privilege it is to lead others into the presence of God. Writing songs has deepened her understanding of God's love and grace, while also challenging her to personally live out what she claims to believe. 

Alysha's hope for her songs is that they would lead people to a place of deep, personal encounter with God. That in coming before Him with a humble, teachable heart it will give Holy Spirit freedom to change us and cause us to grow. As we each begin to understand more of who we are in Christ, we will be able to boldly step out in faith to share His hope.